self released by tristeza with help from bulbo of tijuana and in conjunction with Japanese tour:

there might be a common misconception that tristeza follows a certain code of musical terrain to abide by, however trim your ear hairs -these next few posts should prepare that tristeza's sound is not only beyond trivial and mostly lifeless tags such as post rock or instrumental, it can actually transcend said genre's muffin although at times true is the sword, we cannot stop lifeless quiffs or horrible luck. I know for a fact that the pretty and quiet than so loud your brain caves in formula that most "instrumental bands" explore bores this band stiff...in several instances you might add: post punk, kraut, minimal synth, ambient, drone, dub, heelgaze, prog, and musique concrete to the descriptive cataloger of tristeza's sound corral.

some music that may have influenced these recordings include:

cluster, neu, bark psychosis, chris and cosey, silver apples, loop, windy and carl, felt, dif juz, durriti column, cocteau twins, john cage, cybotron, spacemen 3, chrome, talk talk and various psychadelicks.

In addition to 16 track cd post includes 13 live and unreleased songs.

1 Intropeluda
2 Lynched
3 Creedo
4 Gypsy Moth
5 Tearless Lima
6 Kyoto Foto
7 Malabaristas
8 Babear Bath
9 Otak
10 Entry Level
11 Hyped
12 Oakdown
13 Utopiarise
14 Gaza Shuffle
15 X Is Gone
16 Dutch Church


  1. hey thanks for the nice comment, though i really have nothing special to offer i try to put some stuff up that i like myself but had a hard time finding anywhere. you seem to have some really rare stuff though, some bands i heard of, other i never did.


  2. this is one of my fav's. i think i lost the one you gave me, so i'm glad i can get it here.