2.3 CHILDREN- THREE S/T 7", 1982, U.S.A


2.3 children hail from san francisco these three 7 inches were on penguin records all dated 1982, 2.3 make some very strange, creepy and hilarious music "other peoples l.p.'s" for example is arguably an overlooked funnier than all hellbent classic for any record nut, other favorites include "drunk in the afternoon" and "harry bop slow" although relevance of these folks is some what an obscure topic i imagine 2.3 sharing couch with the residents, chrome and other s.f. comrades serving up the same brand of neo political or not.. wacked out lunacy!! i believe these three 7 inchers to be there complete discography however any help or info on the group would be very welcomed.... if you are in the mood for a laugh or just want to hear some very interesting and bizarre music give em a try.


  1. hi! great stuff, but can you post a picture of the back of the PS for the other two EPs as well, as I would like to see the track order? Thanks!!!

  2. this is for when you're too old for dr demento and too young for rah brahs.
    garbens kower for sure.

  3. Thanks for your kind words and for posting "I don't understand" on youtube. I haven't heard the tracks in years, and it was my band. Feel free to post the rest. I'm glad they're still good for a laugh.

  4. hey, i stumbled on 'i don't understand' on youtube a few weeks ago and can't stop listening to it. have gotten several friends hooked as well. can you post some other songs, or is there any way i could buy the lp from you?
    thanks for bringing wonderful wonderful music into the world