The Silver Horseshoes -S/T cassette C-40
Little Red Rocket,1995. Oakland, Ca

This little gem sold out fast and was only available on tour if you happened to
catch the band Daredevil during the summer of 95. The Silver Horseshoes was a
side project headed by Daredevil & Indian Summer's guitarist Adam. Tracks from this release would have nestled in quite nicely with some of the better lo-fi country infused
projects of the same period ala Palace, Songs:Ohia & Rex. These tracks were
recorded at a West Oakland warehouse live via stereo cassette, a very cheap recorder
at that. That said the tracks still retain a rustic beauty and deserve to be shared among interested listeners, we're happy to provide...
A lovely packaged release comprised of a die cut fold out chipboard case. lino-cut print of stampeding horses and an unlucky upside down horseshoe. Hand written name and label logo with cut & glued xerox info squares. Even the shiny red staples keeping it all together were a nice touch.
Just 4 songs of haunted slide and discordant country guitar riffs, singing, jaw harp & samples. The songs are sandwiched between repeating record loops of stampeding horses, distorted and tangled in a slightly disturbing manner, a glorious addition...
The line up for these songs featured Adams brother Seth on drums (also of Indian Summer), Billy from Ordination of Aaron and Daredevil, Nate (RIP) of Bubblejug & Gang Gang Dance, Fawn & Quinn from Tarentela.
liner notes:
intro (short)
blazing star KY.
silvery horseshoe
horses and angels
by the light of the lone star
outro (long)

recorded in the month of june 95
the silver horse country and western
band are:
adam m. guitars and yellpin
fawn g. singin and samplin

other players:
seth a. drums
nate country harp
bill s. country slide (trk 1)
quinn slide guitar


  1. awesome! glad this is finally seeing the light of day! love the horse stampede samples!

  2. it's such a wild,long,weird story as to how/why i wrote these 4 songs and even longer as to why i recorded them..all your info is right on,,it's boom box to boom box transfer stereo fidelity, all of it.{i guess that's real lo-fi} i'm noteven sure it was meant to survive..,,so if your gonna listen,then drink one or two, and raise your glass to the west and to the lightning.

  3. Hi, is this avaliable for download still or better yet has your label re-pressed it? Im a little confused. Would really love to hear this either way! :)

  4. whoah awesome!
    forgot bout this treasure. DAREDEVIL (well, dave, adamand nate) stayed with me in philly on that 95 tour. good times, good smoke, good talks, good dude.
    hi adam if thats you above. whats up space brother? remeber yall went to see the for carnation after yr show but me, beth & nate just wandered around olde city cuz i was banned from the club and nate was only like 17? ha ha lolz at old, good times and memories.